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First Kiss

When I was in college, you couldn't pass a room on my floor without seeing this poster. You know the one I'm talking about...the one with two women making out in their underwear titled "The Kiss."
It's a beautiful image and will forever remind me of the band TATU (ahhh memories). However, as a closeted gay man at the time, it always made me a little sad. Not the image itself but the fact that every time I looked at it, all I could think was that an image of two guys in the same pose would be considered gross, or likely not even allowed in the dorm.
As my four years progressed through college, this poster haunted me with those thoughts. That sadness.
Years have passed since I last thought about that poster.
Then something happened, it was as if my dreams for closeted freshman Paul were about to come true!
Cards Against Humanity asked me if I’d recreate this image by Tanya Chalkin for a new generation as they’d turn my image into a poster and include in a Cards Against Humanity College Pack!
They had no idea about the back story I had with the image and I couldn’t believe I’d get to finally make it my way!
Sooo we made it and boy did we make it! ;)