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Someone has gifted you with a truly special present: a series of art prints featuring a beloved hill in Chicago. The artist, Paul Octavious, has been photographing this hill for the past 12 years, capturing the changing seasons and the diverse activities that take place there, from runners and kite flyers to sunbathers and sledders. The hill holds a special place in Paul's heart, as it was his "first friend" in the city and has become a stage for the community to play on.

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You will receive four prints, one at the beginning of each season change of this hill for the year, starting in mid-January 2023. 


To ensure that we can send the prints to you, please fill out the form below with some Info. We will confirm the details via email. In the meantime, please enjoy these preview images from the series.

 The prints will be an exclusive edition only avail to subscribers. 


Same Hill, Different Day

For the past 12 years, I have been documenting a hill in my neighborhood in Chicago. At first, it was just a marker on my walk to the lake, but over time I started to realize that the hill was alive and locals used it on a daily basis. I have seen people running up its slopes in the fall, flying kites in the spring, sledding down in the winter, and sunbathing in the summer. I even saw an ice cream truck parked on top of the hill, defying the law. The hill was my first friend in this city, and it has become an ongoing play that I get to watch as the locals put on a daily show.

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